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Jocoi's story:

In Jocoi, you're a sheep mother living on a magical meadow with their little lamb. You do, as all sheep mothers do: Find the most flavourful bites for their young, and enjoy watching them grow into a joyful, young fella. Each flavour will leave its mark on your offspring, and add a song to the soundtrack of your relationship. Remember to take regular naps, cuddling together with your flock. This will help you explore new grounds and seek new adventures. Adventures you could have shared forever, if the earthquake hadn't come...

Behind the scenes:

Jocoi has been made as part of a research project investigating how videogames can represent love, loss and grief through gameplay aesthetics. The landscapes and symbols used in Jocoi are inspired by images of four mothers who have lost their baby during pregnancy. They are intentionally left open to interpretation, so players can make sense of the game in response with their own experiences, and the experiences of others. The game is made to honour the ongoing mother-child connection of bereaved parents. It can be used as a playful tool for sense-making in times of grief.


Sabine Harrer (product owner), Mihai Anton (lead programmer), Chris Anton (artist, sound designer), Rasmus Klaustrup (animator), Andreas Simmekiær (modeller) Camilla Jakobsen (additional programming) from supervisor: Henrik Schønau-Fog


Selbsthilfegruppe Regenbogen


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A beautiful game, I hope to see more like this.

thank you!