Meow! Welcome in the bodies of Erwin Schrödinger's cat/s. All the stuff in his livingroom is |dead>+|alive> simultaneously. You're having none of this.

How to play

Collaborate and scratch 5 pieces of undetermined furniture each to and show Schrödinger who's boss. Time's running!


Player 1: WASD - move, Q - scratch

Player 2: ARROW KEYS - move, SPACE - scratch


This game was made at Quantum Game Jam 2019, Helsinki by:

Adelina Lintuluoto, Daria Anttila, Matt Bengston, Sabine Harrer, Simon Nielsen, Reetu Kontio, and Vasilii Sevriuk

special thanks Igor Sokolov: quantum music, Sylvia Smatanová: creative catsultancy, and all organisers and jammers of Quantum Game Jam / the Allas Crew <3


Download 19 MB

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